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   Charging for PC Usage   



Introducing Cafezee

Cafezee is a comprehensive cyber cafe management software that not only manages the customers and employees of the cyber cafe, but also secures the computers by restricting access to sensitive elements.

Prepaid Codes

The customers can unlock the client computers and start using them after entering a code purchased from the cash counter. These codes can be pre-printed or packaged or displayed as and when needed.

Prepaid Members

The customers have their own login and password that they can use to unlock the client computers and start using them.

Postpaid Schemes

Multiple postpaid schemes can be defined to setup different rates for different type of users. A client computer can be remotely unlocked from the server and given to a customer.

Other Sales, Purchases and Expenses

Sales of type other than the ones from PC usage like sale of sodas, Coke, Pepsi, printouts and scanning etc., can be added. A consolidated sales report can be printed. Purchases and other expenses can also be entered and accounted.

Happy hours, Transfer session, custom backgrounds, print monitoring and a bunch of other features make Cafezee - a complete cyber cafe management software and the most affordable one.

System Security

The control panel, network neighborhood, display and other sensitive Windows settings can all be hidden to prevent authorized access. Some of the Internet Explorer settings can also be hidden.

What's new in version 3.9

§         Capture all the websites or webpages visited by a customer.

§         Specify a time duration to restrict a prepaid member or a prepaid code account.The account can login only in this specified time range.

§         Control the printouts given by the users, Allow/Cancel a print job.

§         Automatically charge for the printouts.

§         Allow and ban applications by their path, window title.

§         Allow and ban websites by their site address, and website titile.

§         Providing the Last login information for prepaid member and prepaid code accounts.

§         Accept the customer details before starting a post-paid session.

§         Exit the selected cafezee client(s) from the server.

§         Get selected reports, automatically emailed to your email id.

§         Allows the option to provide the staff authentication for printing given by the customer.

§         Allows the option to display the Customer Details at server side and client side.

§         Attach a cash drawer to Cafezee.

§         Display the Information about the different icons used in the control Demo.

§         Checking the Firewall Blocking at server and client side.

§         Providing the Extra Information when the Client is in system tray.

§         Allowing the option to display the Cyber Cafe Name at client side.

§         New reports and more Configuration options

Other Features
  • Custom Language Settings

  • Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Event Logger

  • Print Codes using MS Word template

  • Unlimited Slots in Postpaid schemes

  • Security levels

  • Round-off Amount

  • Export prepaid member details

  • Monitor XBoxes, Laptops

  • Chat with your customers

  • Supports sending a common message to all the customers

  • Support to add minutes remotely

  • Supports prepaid codes/tickets/coupons

  • Supports prepaid customers

  • Supports postpaid customers

  • Records all other transactions

  • Inventory management

  • Account Settlement Shift Management and Day-Close Operations

  • Control clients from server

  • Save Clients Arrangement

  • Server can be operated as a client

  • Happy-hours

  • Transfer session (switch PC's)

  • Staff restrictions and rights

  • Customizable Sales bill and Purchase bill

  • Extensive reporting

  • Print-monitoring

  • Internet connection monitoring

  • Customizable screens

  • Check status from anywhere on web

  • Standard time maintenance

  • Your own currency and date settings

  • Restricted Windows access and Internet Explorer options

  • Auto-Closes applications and active-downloads when customer leaves

  • Allowed Applications

  • Banned Applications

  • Automatic database backups

  • Database is encrypted and protected

  • Discounting and Adjustments

  • Auto Detection of Clients

  • Grouping of Security Clients

  • Language Settings

  • Wake On LAN

  • System Tray

Cafezee views all transactions as a sale, purchase or an expense.


Sales are further categorized as:
  • Product : Products are physical items whose quantity is to be tracked when they are sold. The stock available for these type of items can be checked from the Inventory Report. E.g.: Coke, CDs, etc.
  • Service : Cyber cafes normally offer other services like printing and scanning for which the quantity remaining or tracking inventory does not apply.
  • Code : A code type sale has to be made before the code is given to the customer wants to use a computer. Codes are capable of unlocking the client computers for usage.
  • PC-Usage : A code type sale has to be made before the code is given to the customer wanting to use a computer. Codes are capable of unlocking the client computers for usage.
  • Package : A package type sale is made when a prepaid member account is renewed using a prepaid package. A prepaid package is nothing but a set of {minutes, validity period and amount}.
  • Others : Allows adding of a custom service which is not defined in the Products and Services list and allows entering of the desired amount for the entered service.

    Click here to learn how to add a sale.

Purchases & Expenses
  • Purchase product's to be sold from the cyber cafe (example: purchasing 100 Coke cans from a vendor.
  • Other expenses (Salaries to staff, PC repairs ..)

    Click here to learn how to add a purchase.

Some cyber cafes have 'Pay and Use' or PREPAID type of pricing, where the customer commits on a certain duration, pays for it and then starts using the computer. Some cyber cafes have 'Use and Pay' or POSTPAID type of pricing, where the customer first uses the computer and then pays for the time of usage. But most cyber cafes support both the above types of PC access and Cafezee supports all the above types in a very versatile manner.

There are two PREPAID schemes:
  • Prepaid Code

    The customer buys a prepaid coupon or a code from the employee of the cyber cafe that can be used to unlock one of the computers in the cyber cafe. Typically, the codes are used in the following manner:
    1. Administrator generate codes of multiple duration
    2. Staff sells the code to a customer.
    3. Customer uses the code to unlock the client computers and start using them.
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each customer who wants to use a computer.
    Click here for more details on using Prepaid Codes.
  • Prepaid Member

    In this type of access, the customer is a member of the cyber cafe having his/her own login and password, which can be used to unlock the computers in the cyber cafe. The member needs to maintain a balance of MINUTES in his account and these MINUTES can be added to his account on purchase of Prepaid Packages. Using the prepaid members scheme is typically done as follows:

    1. Create a prepaid member
    2. Add minutes to his account
    3. The prepaid member uses his login and password to unlock the client computers in the cyber cafe and starts using them, until his prepaid time expires.

Postpaid Schemes

As for the POSTPAID schemes, one can create as many as one needs. For example, one can create a scheme called 'Regular' that charges $2 per hour of PC access and a scheme called 'Students' that charges a only $1 per hour. The following steps are involved in creating and using postpaid schemes.
  1. The administrator creates postpaid schemes applicable in his cyber cafe.
  2. When a customer wants to use a computer in the cyber café, the staff right clicks on an Idle client computers Icon and starts a session after selecting the appropriate scheme from a list of schemes defined in step 1 above.
  3. The customer pays after he has finished using the computer.