Cafezee 3.9

Wake On LAN





Allows starting of the system that was shutdown.


All the client computers that are listed in the Client Security Screen (i.e., which have synchronized the settings from the server at least once) can be Switched On by using the Wake option in the Clients menu when they are Switched Off.

The Client computers must have compatible hardware, which allows waking of the systems. The Wake on LAN option must be enabled in the BIOS setup. Following is the configuration, which we have done in our lab

Intel Motherboard:

Power Menu

Wake on PCI PME: Power On
Boot Menu
Boot from Network: Enabled

AMD Motherboard:

Boot Menu
Boot from Network: Enabled
Power Menu
Restore on AC/Power Loss: Power On
Ring-In- Power on: Enabled
PCI Devices Power on: Enabled
Advanced Menu
Peripheral Configuration
Onboard LAN: Enabled

The configuration at your end may differ from the above; you can find the details about the hardware configuration for the Wake On LAN from the motherboard manual of the client computer.

How to access:

Clients -> Wake
Right Click on the client in shutdown state -> Wake