Cafezee 3.9

View Client Desktop





Allows remote viewing of the client desktop by taking screenshots.


This command can be used to monitor the clients. Every time this command is executed; a screenshot of the desktop is taken and is sent to the server. The sent screen shot can be saved using the Save option in the file menu.

The remote client has to either in the Busy or in Idle state for Cafezee to take the snapshots.


  • The Disable View Client Desktop option must be unchecked for the staff/administrator to use this command.
  • As this operation includes the image transfer from the client to the server, this may take time for the image transfer.
  • The Firewall software and other security applications must be configured so that they do not block the Cafezee program both at the server and at the client end.
  • Excessive using of this option causes Abnormal Off and Other states at the server.

How to access:

Clients -> View Desktop
Right click on the Client -> View Desktop