Cafezee 3.9

Unknown Prints





Here we can view the details of the printer to which the customer had given print from the system he allowed. i.e. it will show the Machine Name (Computer Name) and Printer Name. From here we can allow the print, Cancel the particular print, cancelling all the prints of all printers and by refreshing the print. We can provide the authentication for staff by choosing the option Requires Staff authentication for Printing in the preferences. By choosing this option, we can allow the print also from the server side. If at all any client gives a print, it will directly print to the printer and adds services at server for that particular client.

When the client is connected to the server and they give the print in busy state that is in the middle of the session then in the server that particular client's busy state icon will change to the Printer icon state and from there we can allow the print. From Unknown Prints we can allow the prints, cancel the prints or cancelling all the prints in various cases. For example, if the client gives a print when the state is idle, switched off, abnormal state etc then print goes to the Unknown Prints. From there we can allow the print. Sharing the Printer with the Computer Name is not possible if the client gives any print and thus results in unknown Prints.

How to access:

View -> Unknown Prints