Cafezee 3.9

Synchronize all Settings to all Clients





Allows synchronization of all the settings (Schemes, Staff, Products and Services, Background Images, and other general settings) again.


Unlike the Synchronize Changed Settings option, which synchronizes only the changed settings to the clients that were not synchronized, this option starts synchronization the process of all the settings again for all the clients (even if they were fully synchronized earlier).

This option must be used mostly when the clients are in Idle state as it includes sending of all settings to all connected Idle clients and this might take longer time if there are a large number of records in the Staff, Products and Services, Schemes screens.

Also use this option if no settings were synchronized in spite of using the Synchronize changed settings only.


    The synchronization may fail
  • If there are is high network traffic.
  • If a large number of records needs to be transferred from the server to the clients.(Reduce the number of records for a faster synchronization.)

How to access:

Settings -> Synchronize all Settings to all Clients