Cafezee 3.9

Synchronize Clients





Allows updating of the Client settings with the Server settings.


Updates the Cafezee clients with the settings changed in Server program. The clients must be in idle state to accept the changes from the server. Any changes in the screens accessible from the Settings menu will display the Synchronize button disabling the clients view. The staff cannot perform any operation on the clients while this button is displayed.


  • If a few of the clients were switched off when the staff/administrator password is changed at the server, and the synchronization did not take place for these switched off clients, then the staff/administrator must use their old passwords to access the client configuration screens.
  • The clients must be allowed to synchronize (wait for a minute), after the Synchronize button is clicked on the server.

How to access:

Settings -> Synchronize Clients
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + F12