Cafezee 3.9

Switch To Client Mode





This screen allows staff to start a session on server machine after switching it to the client mode. This option is useful for the administrators who do not want to dedicate a separate machine to act as the Cafezee server. If all the client computers of the cyber café are busy, then the staff can switch the server to client mode and give the computer to the customer for usage. The server functions normally in the background.


  • If a customer is using the server, the staff has to manually login/logout the client computers. This is the reason that Cafezee clients are provided with complete user interface and functionality to function normally without the server.
  • To change the mode to server again, the staff has to click on the Cancel button which prompts for staff's login and displays the server screen on entering the correct staff/admin password.
  • The login screen is displayed as soon as a client's session is closed, unlike in the older versions where the Staff had to close even the prepaid sessions.

How to access:

File -> Switch to Client Mode
Use shortcut key F2