Cafezee 3.9






This screen enables the settlement of accounts between the staff and the café owner (administrator). The admin can view the summary or the details of all the transactions made in the Cyber café during his absence, before collecting the cash and confirming the settlement.


The settlement is typically performed by the owner of the cafe (administrator) after collecting and verifying the cash present from all the staff members. After the settlement is confirmed, the next settlement period starts from 0 records and 0 amount (the old records are not actually deleted, but just marked 'settled')

Steps Involved in Settlement
  1. Select Settlement in the Accounts menu of the Control Centre. (Only authorized staff and the administrator will be allowed to perform settlement)
  2. Verify if the cash submitted by each staff member matches the amounts shown in the settlement summary. If there are discrepancies or disagreements, then use the Detailed View to view the transactions in detail, and resolve the discrepancies.
  3. Finally, click on Perform Settlement button to confirm the settlement.

Current Settlement

The settlement, which is not performed, is termed as Current Settlement. The Current Settlement exists if any new transactions are done by staff/admin after performing the last settlement.


  • The cash expected is the Total of Sales minus Total of Purchases/Expenses.
  • The Settlement summary view provides amount expected from each staff.
  • If the cash present does not match with the cash expected value then the difference is displayed as Cash Deficit or Cash Excess.
  • The transactions of a settlement cannot be edited once the settlement is performed.
  • The staff can be allowed/disallowed to perform the settlement depending on the permissions assigned to the staff in the Staff screen.
  • The staff can be allowed/disallowed to view older settlements depending on the permissions assigned to the staff in the Staff screen.
  • The settlement can be performed at any time of the day. Therefore, the net amount of business may be different for a settlement-day and a calendar-day. For example, if the settlement is performed everyday at 9 pm, then the settlement amount is the net amount collected between 9 pm of the previous day and the 9 pm of the current day. The sessions that are active when the settlement is confirmed are accounted in the next settlement period. In contrast, the daily and the monthly reports use the 00:00 hour to demarcate the records when displaying the reports.

How to access:

Accounts -> Settlements
Use shortcut key F12
Settlements button on the server toolbar