Cafezee 3.9

Set Background





Allows setting of the Client's login and logout screen background with a picture or a color.


To set an image as the background, select Image as the option for the Set background as. Click on the Set Image button to choose a picture file. The Cafezee then transfers the picture file to all the clients. The background can also be set to a color by selecting the Set Color option.


  • The picture file is saved in the CZPics folder inside the Client Installation folder.
  • If Cafezee fails to transfer a picture file the picture file can be manually copied to the CZPics folder to display it in the background. Cafezee does not overwrite the picture file if a different picture with the same file name is selected as the background.
  • The background setting cannot be altered from the Client.
  • The picture files over 1 MB in size cannot be set as background images.
  • Clients must be synchronized with the server to apply the newly changed background.
  • The login background image can also be used as an image for logout screen background.

How to access:

Settings -> Set Background
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + G