Cafezee 3.9

Send Message





Allows two-way communication between the staff and the customers using the computers. The customers can use this feature to request adding of more minutes to their session or any other service. The staff can use this feature to confirm the services rendered or to be rendered. Many other applications are possible using this chat feature.


Minimize the screen if you want the message window to popup whenever a message is received. If the "send message" window were closed then the incoming message would be displayed as an icon with the client name in the messages window of the main screen. Use the screen as a chat window to send and receive the messages instantly.

This window is also displayed whenever a client requests for services. A different icon indicates a "service request" type of message. When the staff selects a "service request" message then the "Add to Services" button is enabled. The staff can add the requested services to the client session by clicking on this button, which opens the Add Sales screen with the requested items already added to the bill. The staff now only has to click on the OK button to add the sale.

The staff can see the history for a chat session using the Chat History screen.


  • Messages can be sent only to busy client sessions.
  • Press the enter key to send the message immediately.
  • Press the Ctrl + Enter key combinations to insert a new line.
  • Cannot view a message, which was sent by the customer if the session from which the message was sent is finished/closed/abnormally switched off.
  • The chat session ends if the client computer is not accessible to the server
  • The chat window is closed automatically if the client session is closed.

How to access:

Clients -> Send Message
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + F5