Cafezee 3.9

Security Settings





Allows to enabling/disabling of sensitive computer settings from customers and staff members.


High Security

Sets the security to the maximum.

Low Security

Sets the security to the minimum.

No Security

Disables the entire security.


  • Only administrator has rights to set the security settings.
  • A part of (subset of) or the full title of the application that needs to be banned or allowed can be specified. The title is the text that appears in the blue bar on top of each Windows based application.
  • Some of the security changes will be enable after restarting the computer.
  • To hide drives you need to hide run command.
  • It is very important to hide task manager, so that customers using this computer should not close the software.
  • Customized settings will be overwritten if the High, Low or No security options are selected.
  • The security settings can be synchronized to the clients by checking the Synchronize security setting in the General Settings screen.

How to access:

Settings -> Security Settings
Use shortcut key Ctrl + E