Cafezee 3.9

Prepaid Package






In the 'Pay and Use' or PREPAID type of pricing, the customer commits on certain duration (minutes of PC usage), pays for it and then starts using the computer. These minutes have to be used up in a certain time period. The prepaid packages are sets of (Minutes, Validity Period and Amount) that a prepaid customer can buy. This screen allows adding, editing or deleting such packages.


Prepaid package is used:
  • To add minutes to Prepaid Member while renewing the account.
  • To specify the nature of the codes before generating them.

How to access:

Settings -> Prepaid Schemes -> Packages
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + K


Assuming that you want to create a 10 hours package of cost 50 $ with a validity period of 1 Month as shown in Screen Shot.  Now you can add 10 hours to prepaid member account using this package.