Cafezee 3.9

Prepaid Members





  • adding, editing and deleting of the prepaid member accounts.
  • resetting of the In-Use flag and password of the Member's account.
  • renewal and adjustment of prepaid members account.


In prepaid members there are two types of functionality. One is the prepaid member allows to login at any time and another type of prepaid member to login between the specified periods of time.

In First type of functionality, the prepaid member or Dummy prepaid member can be allowed at any time of day and as many times as they wanted. Here we can renew the prepaid member after Minutes Remaining became Zero. Here the prepaid member can be renewed by any type of code.

In Second type of functionality, the prepaid member can be allowed to use his minutes remaining in the specified period only. In the prepaid Member or Dummy Prepaid Members if member minutes remaining are more than the specified period, and then the prepaid member can work only till the specified Period. The member cannot renew his prepaid account after the specified time. If the prepaid member has minutes less than minutes of the specified period, then the prepaid member can work only till the Minutes Remaining and it can be renewed. Here we can renew the prepaid member using the prepaid code of any type of functionality, which will be discussed in the prepaid code further.

Here we can provide the last login information of the particular prepaid member while login at the client side, with the fields Name, Last Login Date, Last Time In and Last Time Out of the prepaid member.

Resetting the In-Use flag

Whenever a member logs in the Busy/In-Use flag is set to true, some times when system shutdown abnormally this flag is not reset to false, so the member may not be allowed to access. The member will get a 'Already in use' error to allow access to the member the administrator has to reset the In-Use flag.

Resetting member password

To reset the password of a member select the member and click on Edit button, now click on the Reset Password to make the member's password blank. Now the member can access the account without entering the password. The member must change the password as soon as he/she logs in to Cafezee.

Renewing prepaid member's account

When a member is created, he has zero minutes in his account. A Prepaid member's account can be renewed using
  • Prepaid package
  • Prepaid Code

To renew a prepaid member account select the prepaid member whose account is to be renewed, and click on the Renew button.

To renew a prepaid member using a package select the desired package from the Prepaid Packages list box and click on the renew button. The Minutes, Validity and Amount columns are not editable when a prepaid package is selected.

To renew a prepaid member using a code select the Prepaid Code as the option from the Prepaid Schemes list. The Code Validation screen opens.

To adjust a prepaid member's account select 'Adjustment' as the option from Prepaid Packages list. Now the values in the Minutes, Validity and Amount boxes can be edited. Enter the desired values in the text boxes and click on the renew button.

Click on Export button to Export all the member data to a Microsoft Excel sheet.

Select the Print Receipt option to print a bill for the renewal transaction. The 'Use Before/Account expiry' date of a member's account, changes depending on the Compute validity from today option. If the option is selected then the validity period is applied from today, otherwise the validity period is added to the old 'Use Before' date.


  • Quickly find a member's account by typing the first few letters of the login.
  • Customer details can be added or edit or delete at the time of performing the operations on prepaid members.

How to access:

Settings-> Prepaid Schemes -> Members
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + M