Cafezee 3.9

Prepaid Code List





  • Allows viewing the status, printing, and deleting of code/codes.
  • Allows resetting of the 'In Session' flag for the Code accounts.


The screen displays details of codes for the selected product. To print the selected code, click on the Print Code button. To print all the codes of a product click on print product button. The expired codes are the code accounts whose remaining minutes is zero. The Delete Expired Codes button when clicked will delete the expired codes. If a prepaid code user is not able to login into the PC because of the error "Code already in use." the staff has to reset the In-Use flag of the user to enable the code to login. This situation will rarely happen and is because of the improper closing/shutting down of the server/client programs.


  • This screen is accessible only to the administrator.
  • Deleting a code will remove the code account from the database and the user can no longer use it to login.
  • Codes once deleted cannot be retrieved back.

How to access:

Settings-> Prepaid Schemes -> View Codes
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + W