Cafezee 3.9







Allows Setting of common settings to Cafezee Server and client programs.


The settings are divided into the following categories

  • General Settings
    § Registration Settings
  • Prepaid
    § Prepaid Code
  • Accounts
    § Bill Settings
  • Other Settings
    § Language Settings
    § Bandwidth Settings
    § Emailing Reports
    § Customer Details

    General Settings :

    Auto start Cafezee Server program every time this server starts

    Starts Cafezee server program as soon as the system is switched on. Set this option to restrict the logged in staff from accessing other programs on the Server except the Cafezee program. These restrictions are based on the security settings applied on the staff.

    Maintain standard date & time in synchronization with Cafezee timeserver

    Updates the date & time setting of the Server with the date & time of the Cafezee timeserver. Use this option to restrict the change in date & time setting. Cafezee updates the date and time every half an hour.

    Synchronize date & time of clients with this system's date & time (Always recommended)

    Updates the date and time in client systems with the date and time of the server system. Use this option to maintain the same date & time in all the clients as that of the server. If a customer changes the date and time, it would be reset by Cafezee program. You can also restrict a client from accessing the date & time setting by hiding the Date and time control panel setting from the Security Settings screen.

    Default Internet explorer home page for server and clients

    Updates the default home page for the Internet explorer in the client and the server systems with the specified setting. Use this option to reset the home page back to the specified setting. The clients while browsing may set the home page to web sites, which is not desirable by the Administrator, so to reset the page to other web site use this setting. Turn this option off by setting the home page to blank text so that Cafezee does not reset the homepage.

    Synchronize security settings to clients

    Selecting this option allows access to the Client Security screen that allows setting of different security settings to different groups of clients. This screen cannot be accessed if the above setting is not selected.

    Display Cafezee in Tray

    Displays the Cafezee serve and the Client programs in the System tray whenever they are minimized. The user either has to double click on the Cafezee icon in the tray or Right Click to maximize the screen again. This setting is common both for the server and the client. And it can Display the Extra Information for the Client. When we right click on the Icon When its in System Tray, then it shows the information like Amount to be paid, Minutes remaining and Minutes used by the Client. This Information will be displayed at the Client side only when we select this option only.

    Disabling the Cafezee Name

    Disables the Cafezee Name option, i.e. the administrator would be able to disable the cafezee name at client desktop if the above option is selected.

    Disable View client desktop

    Disables the View Client Desktop option, i.e. neither the Administrator nor the Staff would be able to use this feature to see the snapshot of the client desktop if the above option is selected.

    Flash Client icons when time left is___minutes

    Allows specifying of the duration in minutes before the session expires at which the client icons at the server starts blinking. This option is used to alert the staff of any sessions that are going to expire after the specified minutes.

    Registration Settings:

    Allows entering of the Cyber Café Name, Cafezee Registration Number and the administrator's Email

    Registration Number is the license given by the Cafezee Support to use the Server program with a registered license. Any licensing problem must be communicated to Cafezee support. You can communicate to Cafezee support by sending a message from the Customer Support screen; you can also communicate by sending an email to

    Café owners email ID is the email address to which the Cafezee sends the replies to the queries sent using the Customer Support screen. This must be the same email id that was used for registering Cafezee. Any change in the administrator email id must be immediately communicated to Cafezee.

    Prepaid :

    Minimum Prepaid Duration

    Allows specifying of value in minutes that would be deducted from the Prepaid accounts (Prepaid Member and Prepaid Code accounts) automatically if the number of minutes used is less than the specified value.

    Use this option in situation where you want to deduct 15 minutes every time a prepaid session is closed. Generally few of the clients visit cafés to check their mails, they would finish this within a minute and leave, and so no minutes are deducted from the user account, setting a minimum value here would ensure that the specified number of minutes are deducted from the user account every time the user closes the session.

    The minutes does not enter into negative value, i.e. if the value is set to 15 and if a user has only 5 minutes left, then after using the 5 minutes, the remaining minutes would be zero and not 5 - 15.

    Do not carry forward the Validity

    Whenever a prepaid account is renewed, the validity (number of days) of the renewal is added to the existing Use Before date. Selecting this option would ensure that the validity is added from the current date instead of adding it to the existing value.

    For example, assuming that the current date is 10 Jul 2006 and if a prepaid member's account A has 15 minutes remaining and Use Before is 25 Jul 2006, then if it is renewed using a package/code that has 60 minutes and 4 days as validity then


    Option if selected

    Option if not selected

    Remaining Minutes

    15 + 60

    15 + 60

    Use Before

    25 Jul 2006

    25 Jul 2006 + 4 days = 29 Jul 2006

    The validity is calculated in the following manner when the above option is selected

    1.Use Before = 10 Jul 2006 (Current Date) + 4 days = 14 Jul 2006
    2.As Use Before is less than the existing validity 25 Jul 2005 the resultant validity is set to 25 Jul 2006

    Disable Renew at Client

    Selecting this option will disable the Renew option in the client program and so a customer cannot renew the account from the client program. The account can still be renewed from the server, but the minutes renewed to the account would not be reflected immediately at the client. The client has to restart the session, by logging into Cafezee again to use the newly added minutes.

    The renew option is also disabled automatically, if an expired prepaid session is not closed if the time exceeds the time specified in the Automatically Close the timed out session in ___ Minutes.

    Automatically close the timed out sessions

    Selecting this Option automatically closes the client session one or more minutes after the expiry of the prepaid time. Use this option to automatically close the prepaid sessions if their remaining minutes are expired. To turn off this feature enter 0 as the minutes.

    Prepaid Code :

    Display codes when they are sold

    There are two ways in which the codes can be sold:

    1. A code is displayed and printed as soon as it is sold to a customer. The customer can then use the printed code to unlock any client computer and start using it. This option is the default option in Cafezee, but there is the risk of the staff misusing the codes. Select the above option (Display codes when they are sold) to use this type of code sale method.

    2.The codes can be printed and packaged in sealed envelopes to hide the codes, and subsequently allow computer time to be sold as any other product. In this option the code is secured from the Staff. This option can be selected from the Preferences -> Code settings menu option. Un-select/un-check the above option (Display codes when they are sold) to use this type of code sale method.

    Use for printing code

    Selecting the above option allows codes to be printed on a printer other than the default printer.

    Print code in customized format

    Selecting the above option allows to print the codes in a format as designed in the CodesTemplate.doc word file. Cafezee uses the mail merge feature of MS Word for printing the codes in custom format. The active document of the word file can be customized as per the user requirement, but must not violate the following restrictions:

    1.Must not delete all the mail merge fields <<Product>>, <<Code>>, <<Code_ID>>, <<Minutes>>, <<Validity>>

    2. Must not change any of the mail merge options.

    The user can hide a few fields by deleting the corresponding mail merge fields.
    Click on the Customize template button to customize the word document.

    Specify characters that must be used for code generation

    The characters that must be used for code generation can be specified by selecting the Character Range option in the For code Generation use frame.

    Cafezee by default generates the codes only in lower case by using both the numbers and lower case alphabets. This combination of characters can be restricted to only capital letters or only numbers, or can be extended to include also the upper case alphabets, etc. by selecting the range of characters from the "From" and "To" list boxes.

    While deleting the codes delete also the Use Before expired codes

    Allows deleting of the codes whose Use Before value is less than today's date, when the Delete Expired codes button in View Codes screen is clicked.

    Cafezee initially treats only those codes, whose Remaining Minutes are zero and hence only those codes whose minutes are zero are deleted. Selecting the above option will also include Use Before expired codes as the expired codes.


    Tax Percentage

    By entered would be applied to every transaction by default, which can be edited from the transaction window.

    Make Customer Name mandatory

    Makes the Customer Name in the Login screen, Sold To entry in the sales screen mandatory. Setting this option will also make the Client Name mandatory when starting a session from the client or the server.

    Set Amount Paid to Bill Amount

    Use this option to fill the Amount Paid field with the value of the Total Amount, which can be later edited by staff as required.

    The Amount Paid field is set to 0, and the staff must enter a value to finish the transaction if the above option is not selected. Use this option to make the Staff explicitly enter a value.

    Warn if Amount Paid and Bill Amount exceeds

    A warning message is displayed when the Amount Paid and the Total Amount difference exceeds this value.

    These settings are used while adding/editing sales, closing sessions, renewing prepaid accounts.

    The Amount Differences report displays all the transactions in which the Amount Paid was altered and was a value other than the Total Amount.

    Select Warn and continue option, to allow Staff to continue if the Amount entered differs from the Original Amount by the specified Difference Amount.

    Select Warn and Stop option to restrict the Staff from exceeding the specified difference value. This is the Default Setting.

    Bill Settings :

    Use for Printing Bill

    Allows setting of the bill printer. All the bill printouts printed from Cafezee server computer would be printed only on this specified printer. Other report printouts of Cafezee will be directed to the default printer.

    Cash Drawer

    It allows the command for opening the cash drawer which is connected either through the Printer or COM ports. If we select the COM port then select the corresponding port from the Available Ports option of the Cash drawer and write the command of the cash drawer to be opened, else write the command only if we choose the option of Connection to Printer. The command of the cash drawer follows the format of 11,12,13.

    Other Settings :

    Monitor Printouts

    Records the printouts taken from the server computer. Use this feature to record the printouts taken from the Server system. Print Monitor cannot track the printouts if the Cafezee Server program is closed. The exact number of pages is not always reported correctly, because of some limitations of the Windows spooler program. The print outs taken can be checked from the Printer Usage report.

    Monitor Clients

    Checks the systems connected to the network for the clients, which do not have Cafezee program running on them. It also detects these clients and puts them as Laptops in the Control Centre window so that sessions can be started/closed similar to the External (dummy) clients. The detected clients are named after their IP Address.

    The usage of these systems is also treated as Illegal PC Usage. Use this option to identify the systems where Cafezee client is not running, which might have been turned off by the user/staff to misuse it.

    The administrator must specify, the IP Pool. The IP Pool is the first three octets of the IP address. The list of Illegal PC Usage systems can be checked from the Illegal PC Usage Graph.

    Monitor Connectivity to Internet

    Updates the database to track how long the system was connected to the Internet. The administrator has to specify two popular web sites in the fields Site 1 and Site 2 to allow the program to check the connectivity. The connectivity duration can be checked using the Internet Connectivity Graph.

    Language Settings :

    The client and server can have different language settings. The language settings at the client can be set from the Client Configuration screen.

    The messages' text can be changed from the Customize language screen, which can be accessed by clicking on the Customize button.

    The language information is stored in xml files, which helps easy transfer of information.

    A new language when created will contain all the messages in the currently selected language, which needs to be translated to the desired language.

    Bandwidth Settings :

    Bandwidth Adapter

    Select the LAN adapter, which Cafezee should monitor for tracking the bandwidth used. If you have more than one LAN cards then select the adapter with which the Internet is accessed

    Specify the bandwidth in Mega Bytes and the duration in minutes.

    To set a limitation of bandwidth say 5 MB for an hour enter the values as 5 in Bandwidth text box and 60 in the minutes text box

    Emailing Reports :

    Email Reports automatically

    By selecting this option, the administrator can decide to send the reports automatically or not. Here administrator can send the selected reports automatically of the current day transactions for the given mail id at given time or when server exits. Here we can send the reports named as PC-Usage Details, Purchase/Expenses, Sales and Daily Collection over a period.

    Customer Details:

    Accept the Extra Customer Details at Client or Server Side

    By selecting this option the administrator can decide whether to accept the extra customer details at server side and client side. Here the administrator can select two more options when they choose to accept the extra customer details. i.e. the administrator can view the select fields for visible or not and entering the values or null values of the selected fields manually.


    • This screen is accessible only to the Administrator.
    • Synchronize settings with client machines to apply the changes made.

    How to access:

    Settings -> Preferences
    Use the shortcut key Ctrl + R

  • Example

    Assuming that you want to warn the customers of the excess bandwidth usage for 5 MB in 1 hour.

      To check the bandwidth usage only once in 15 minutes :

    • Enter the Bandwidth that you want to warn in the first text box i.e., 1.25 MB
    • Or
    • To check the bandwidth usage after an Hour :
    • Enter the Bandwidth as 5 MB

      Enter the duration in minutes as 60.