Cafezee 3.9

PC Usage Details





Allows viewing and printing of PC usage details for a particular settlement period.


When opened from the menu View -> PC Usage Details the screen displays the PC Usage details of the current settlement. The PC Usage details of earlier settlements can be accessed from the Sales View of the Settlements screen, by clicking on the View PC Usage details button.

The report printed for this screen contains the same details as displayed in the screen except for a few columns, which are not printed.

The screen allows sorting/ordering of the data when clicked on the column headers.

The PC usage details for Prepaid Code scheme displays the Pin no. of the code in the Name column.

The PC usage details can view the visited URL's of the customer when the user login at client side.

The PC usage details can view the customer details of the client of all schemes when login at client side.


  • The PC Usage details screen does not display Services details for the sessions, which contained sales, but the Services Amount for each session is displayed. It also does not display the Total amount receivable/payable for a session.
  • Use the PC Usage with filters report for more detailed reporting.

How to access:

View -> PC Usage Details
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + F9