Cafezee 3.9

Managing Shifts (Cash Settlements between the staff and the admin)




Step 1: When the server starts up, the staff-1 logs into the server by supplying his/her password. He/she is responsible for all transactions carried out in the Café as long as he/she is logged in.

Step 2: Staff -1 logs out of the server at the end of his/her shift and staff-2 logs into the server at the start of the second shift.

Step 3: Any number of shifts can start /end before the admin decides to collect the cash collected by the staff. View the summary view of the Settlements screen to verify the cash to be collected from each of the staff members. The details view can be used in case of any discrepancy.

Step 4: After verification of the accounts, the admin clicks on Perform Settlement button so that the accounts start afresh, and a new settlement period begins.