Cafezee 3.9






The login screen is used to allow a staff member or the administrator gain access to the Cafezee server's main screen (Control Centre), from where all the client computers can be controlled and all transactions entered.


When the server software is run for the first time, access can be gained into the Control Centre by entering the password=india. The administrator can change the password from india to any other password of his choice by selecting Change password from the File menu of the Control Centre.

In the subsequent uses of the software, one of the staff members enters his password to gain access to the Control Centre. This staff member is now responsible for all the transactions done from the Control Centre and the cash collected in this shift. Various options of Cafezee are enabled/disabled depending on the rights given to the staff member by the administrator.


  • In most cafes, the owner or administrator himself manages the café, in such case, he has to enter the admin password to gain access to the Control Centre of Cafezee.

How to access:

File -> Login
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + L
Login button on the Server toolbar