Cafezee 3.9

Firewall Blocking





It will check the server and client communication, i.e. data transfer between server and client, Internet Connection are working.


This option is provided at server side and client side. It will check the Internet connection is provided and data transfer is correctly done from the server side to client side or vice versa. By Entering the URL we find the Internet Connection is connected to the server and client. If the Internet is not connected that means some firewall is blocking that URL at Server side or Client side. Here the Default URL is By Entering the IP address of the client where the client is running. If we get a response then we can transfer the data otherwise some firewall is blocking the data transfer. In server we will show the default IP address which is one less than the server IP address, where as in the client we will show the default IP address as Gateway.

How to access:

Help -> check Firewall Blocking