Cafezee 3.9

Duplicate PC Usage Details





Displays the records that were received more than once by the server from the clients for updating the PC Usage details.


If a session was closed from the server when the client program was abnormally closed and the same session was continued at client for some more time or used any extra services that were not logged in the closed PC usage details, then this kind of entries sent by the client program which does not contain the same usage minutes or the same services amount as reported earlier by the same session which was closed is called a Duplicate Log Record.

The Duplicate PC Usage details displays the Duplicate Log Records received from the clients, which will be rarely created because of abnormal closing of the server/client programs.

The screen displays the Actual PC Usage record in the first list and its corresponding Duplicate record in the next list. The administrator then has to compare the session details of the duplicate log record with actual PC usage record and perform either of the following operations to remove the entry from the Duplicate PC Usage details.

Delete the Duplicate record Use this option to discard the duplicate record if there is not much a difference between the actual and the duplicate record.

Overwrite the actual record Use this option to overwrite the actual log with the duplicate log record if the difference has to be updated to the PC Usage details.


  • The overwriting of the actual PC usage record with a duplicate record may result in discrepancy in the settlements calculation hence it is recommended that the entries in this screen must be cleared before performing a settlement or deleting the old records.

How to access:

View -> Duplicate PC Usage Details
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + D