Cafezee 3.9

Customer Details





Allows viewing the details of the Customers.


Allows specify/view the Customer Details for all Schemes. We can add, edit and delete the customer details accounts for various schemes at various places. For Example we can add or get customer details at the time of selling prepaid code and at Client side for the postpaid scheme. We can view the customer details in various states like Middle of Session, Abnormal state, finished state of the prepaid member and finished state of the post-paid, Prepaid Member and prepaid code at server side. We can edit or remove the customer details of the postpaid,Prepaid Member and prepaid code from here and the customer details of the prepaid members can also edit and delete from the Prepaid Members as well as the Customer details of the Prepaid code can only edit from the Prepaid code List . Here we can accept the customer details according to the customer view by choosing the option in the preferences named as the Customer Details.


  • We can provide a detail report of PC usage details for a particular settlement period for the particular Customer Details.

How to access:

Settings-> Customers