Cafezee 3.9

Continue Session





Allows continuing of a finished or expired auto-logout session.


Use this option if the customer wants to continue the auto-logout type of session after the prepaid time has expired.


  • Prepaid member and Prepaid Code type of sessions, once finished or expired cannot be continued using this option.
  • Only the postpaid sessions finished by the staff/client or expired auto-logout sessions can be continued.
  • When a session, which was an expired auto-logout session is continued using this option the session will continue until the customer clicks on the finish button, i.e., the auto-logout session once continue will now be no more an auto-logout session. To extend an auto-logout session by specified minutes use the Add Minutes option.

How to access:

Clients -> Continue Session
Use the shortcut key F4
Continue Session button on the client toolbar