Cafezee 3.9

Code Generation






Codes, also referred as Time Codes, are used to sell computer time in cyber cafes. This screen allows creation and printing of various types of codes with varied duration and validity periods.


In Prepaid Codes there are two types of functionality. One is the prepaid code that allows to login at any time and the other where the prepaid code can be used to login between the specified periods of time only.

In First type of functionality, the prepaid code can be allowed at any time of day. Here we can renew the prepaid code after Minutes Remaining became Zero. Here the prepaid code can be renewed by any type of code.

In Second type of functionality, the prepaid code can be allowed to login in the specified period only. In the prepaid code if remaining minutes are more than the prepaid code specified period, then the prepaid code works only till the specified Period. The prepaid code cannot be renewed after the specified time. If the prepaid code has minutes remaining less than minutes of the specified period, then the prepaid code will work till the Minutes Remaining of the code and it can be renewed. Here we can renew the prepaid code using the prepaid code of any type of functionality.

Here we can provide the last login information of the particular prepaid code when they login at the client side with the fields named as Name, Last Login date, Last Time In and Last Time Out of the code.

The codes can be used as prepaid accounts similar to the prepaid members, which can be used by customers to log into the system. Unlike the Prepaid Members where the Account is expected to be used for a long time, the codes are supposed to be used for a short time period for e.g. for a month or so once purchased by a customer. The admin has to generate the codes to allow staff to sell the codes as an inventory item. The customers then can use these codes to access the PC once sold. As the staff cannot generate codes, the admin has to always maintain a sufficient stock of Codes so as to avoid staff from running out of codes while sale.


  • Prior to generating codes for a package, create a package where the price, validity and minutes of the code are defined. Click on the New Package button to create a new package.
  • The codes can be viewed, printed and managed from the View Prepaid Codes screen.
  • The Code ID is used to identify a code. The customer can ask the staff to find the status of a code by just specifying the Code ID instead of revealing the Code itself.
  • " The maximum possible number of codes that can be generated for a product of code length 1 are 36P1 i.e., 36 when Alpha Numeric characters option is selected in the For Code Generation use section of the Preferences screen. This value is the difference of the number of characters of From and To when the Character range option is selected
  • The code generation will stop if the given number of codes cannot be generated using the specified code length after generating the possible codes.
  • Customer details will be provided by adding or using the existing customer details at the time of selling the code to the customer.


The code length must not exceed 10 characters. For e.g., if Initial String is 6 characters the Length of Code value must not exceed 4, so that the code length would be 6+4 i.e., 10.

While creating codes of an existing product, the set of Minutes, Validity and Amount cannot be changed when a product name is selected.

How to access:

Settings -> Prepaid -> Generate Codes
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + J


Assuming that you want to generate 100 codes of length 9, with "60M" as the common string to all the codes

  • Enter the product name as 60MinCodes (Select from the drop down list if the product has been created earlier).
  • Select the prepaid package whose validity and minutes is to be applied to the codes.
  • Enter the Initial String as 60M
  • Enter the No of Codes as 100.
  • Enter the Code length as 6
  • Now click on the Generate button to generate the codes. Select Generate and Print to print the codes after generating the codes.