Cafezee 3.9

Close Session





Allows closing of the selected busy/finished/abnormal client session, also allows to change the tax percentage.


Staff can close any running/finished/abnormal off sessions from the server. Ideally the staff is supposed to close all the finished/expired sessions and collect the appropriate amount from the customer. The staff must close all the postpaid sessions as these sessions include PC usage amount, which needs to be collected from the customer. The prepaid sessions where no services are used can be directly closed by the prepaid users without the intervention of the staff, as there is no amount to be paid.

If a client computer cannot communicate to the server when the session is running, then the client is considered as abnormally closed. A staff cannot control abnormally closed client system from the server except for closing the session at the server. If the client session is allowed to run in this disconnected state and if the same session is closed at the server, then this would generate a Duplicate PC Usage log.

The client goes to abnormal state for the following reasons
  1. the network link is broken
  2. the client program is terminated in the middle of a session.
The session details are saved as the PC usage details.

How to access:

Clients -> Close Session
Use the shortcut key F7
Close Session button on the client toolbar