Cafezee 3.9

Client Security Settings





Allows setting of different security settings to different Groups. The groups consist of the clients, which are running Cafezee client program. The security configured for a group applies to all the clients inside the group. The Allowed Applications and Banned Applications are also different for each group. The entries in Allowed Applications and Banned Applications can be modified by selecting the Allowed Applications and Banned Applications checkboxes respectively.


  • Groups can be added/edited/deleted from the Group Settings screen.
  • Synchronize security settings to clients option in the General Settings must be selected for this screen to be accessible from the Settings menu.
  • This screen is accessible only to the Administrator.
  • To add/edit/delete an Allowed or Banned Application select/check the Allowed or Banned Application checkboxes respectively.
  • The client must be synchronized at least once with the settings at the server for it to be listed in this screen.

How to access:

Settings -> Client Security