Cafezee 3.9

Client Logout





The logout screen is meant for the customers to access their options and also to finish their sessions.


The Session Information provides the details about the session that have been used till then.

Send Message option allows sending of a message to the Cafezee server computer.

The customer ask for services using the Request Services option, this service request is sent to the Server machine, the Staff/Admin at the server can add the request service by clicking on the Add to Sales button .

A prepaid customer can use the Renew option to extend his prepaid time and the Change Password option to change his password. The Renew option will be disabled if the Disable renew at client option in the Prepaid Settings of the Preferences screen at the server is selected.

The Change Password option is available only for the Prepaid Member sessions and is used to change the member password.

The client must be connected to the server computer for the customer to execute the options.

The staff can use the staff options, in case the server is down for some reason.

Staff Options ->
Adjustments Allows the staff to provide a discount in amount to the customers for a lapse in service or for some other reason.

Transfer Session is used to transfer the session information from one computer to another.

The customers use the Finish button when they are done using the computer. In case of a prepaid session, the session is completely closed when the customer clicks on the finish button closing all the applications opened by him. But in case of a postpaid session, or when some amount is due from the customer, the session does not close completely and staff intervention is needed. The staff then collects the amount from the customer and finally closes the session completely.

The Continue button is used to minimize the screen and continue using the system

How to access:

The screen after starting a session.