Cafezee 3.9

Customer Login





Allows starting of a client session.


The layout of the screen changes in accordance with the Display Schemes setting in the Client Configuration tab of the Client Configuration screen. Selecting the Prepaid Member only option displays the login options for a Prepaid Members, now a post-paid or a prepaid code session cannot be started. Use this option if only the prepaid members use the system, similarly selecting the Prepaid Codes only option allows only prepaid code users to login. The All Schemes option displays the login options for all the schemes thus by enabling logging of all scheme users.


  • While starting a post-paid session the Customer Name can be made mandatory by selecting the Make sold to compulsory setting in Preferences -> Accounts screen at the Server.

  • The staff can remotely start a post-paid session but cannot start a prepaid session from the server. The prepaid users must use this screen to login.

  • Right click on the open space or on the Staff/Admin Options icon at the left top most part of the Login screen to access the Staff/Admin login screen.

  • The customers can change the language to one of the other languages listed in the bottom left corner of the screen by selecting (English, Spanish or German). This language setting is temporary and changes back to the earlier set language when it synchronizes with the server again.

  • The staff can change the language setting for the clients from the Language Settings section in the Client configuration screen.

  • The client must be connected to the server computer to start the prepaid sessions, but the post-paid sessions can be started even if the client is not connected to the server.

How to access:

The default screen that appears when the client program is started is the Customer Login screen.