Cafezee 3.9

Client Configuration





Allows setting up of various options individual to a particular client computer, which includes the client name, client computers security settings and behavior before and after a customer session.

Use the auto-detect server option so that the client can connect to the Cafezee server. In case the auto-detect server option does not work, then enter the IP address of the Server manually.

Select the appropriate login screen option depending on the security settings applicable for the client system must be defined from Security Settings screen.

Use the After close session options to close all the applications opened by a customer upon his logout.

The On session start option can be used to display any terms and conditions screen before the customer starts using your café services.

  • Only the staff/administrator can access this screen after specifying the password.
  • The security settings defined at the server will not be transferred to the client.
  • For the smooth functioning of the software the Currency & Date formats of the client system must match with the Currency & Date formats of the Server system.
  • A staff can be allowed/disallowed to configure the client settings by setting the Allow client configuration changes setting in the Staff screen at the Server.
  • The language in which all the control messages are displayed can be changed by changing the language to another available language from the Preferences -> Language Settings section.
How to access:

From the Customer Login screen click on the Staff Options button and enter the staff password to open the client configuration screen.
The figure displays the client configuration screen with server IP entered as