Cafezee 3.9

Banned Applications





The screen allows specifying of the applications, which the staff wants to restrict from being run by the customer.


Use this feature to close/restrict applications that staffs do not want the customers to access. If the client opened the application some how, the Cafezee program will automatically close the application as soon as it detects it. The staff can also use this screen to restrict the web sites, which contain obscene matter by specifying the title that would appear when accessed from the browser or by specifying the address of the web site. For example, if you want to close the browser (Internet Explorer) when the customer is trying to open a page that contains obscene matter, the staff can close such pages if opened, by entering the title that would be displayed when the page is opened. To avoid viewing of the page that contains abuse in their title or address, enter a banned application entry with abuse as the text. Here the staff can also use this screen to restrict some "exe" files to access or install into our system, by specifying the path of the executables (.exe) by the banned applications by there path. For example if the staff want to close the Notepad when the customer is trying to open the notepad for typing the obscene matter, then staff can close the notepad by specifying the path of the Notepad.exe in the Banned Applications by their path.


  • This screen is accessible only to an Administrator at the Server.
  • The Admin can allow a staff to access this screen at the Client side by setting the Allow Client Configuration Changes setting from the Staff screen.
  • The Application Title entered need not be the exact title but must contain a sequence of characters that matches with the Application's title.
  • Ensure the Application title entered is not a common character sequence, which would be the title for other Applications.
  • Here we should select the executables files (*.exes) only from the Banned Application Path.

How to access:

Settings -> Server Security -> Banned Apps button