Cafezee 3.9

Add Purchases






Allows adding of purchases and expenses. Only products defined in the Product and Services screen can be purchased. Use the expense to record any other purchase type.


Steps to add a purchase:
  1. Select option "Purchase"
  2. Select item from the drop down list
  3. Enter quantity
  4. Enter total amount paid for the purchase
  5. Check the "Pay Later" option if the purchase is made in credit
  6. Enter the supplier details in case of a purchase, or the expense details when entering expenses.


  • Products purchased or expenses incurred but not paid for yet (pay later option is set) are not included in the Current Settlement. If a settlement is performed with some purchases marked Pay Later, these purchases will be carried forward to the next settlement period.
  • This screen allows adding of existing products. In order to add a new product, open the Products and Services screen.

How to access:

Accounts -> Add Purchases
Add Purchases button on the Server toolbar


The screen shows the product purchase of 100 Pepsi cool drinks.

The screen shows the expenses entry of salary paid to a staff member.