Cafezee 3.9

Add Minutes





Allows adding of minutes to busy prepaid or auto-logout postpaid sessions.


Unlike the account renewal for prepaid sessions, wherein the user must start the renewal process from the client computer, Add Minutes allows the staff to directly renew a prepaid account from the server without disturbing the client session.

Add Minutes also adds minutes to an auto-logout postpaid session. Use this when a customer requests to extend session by a specified number of minutes e.g. say 30 minutes, so the staff has to enter 30 in the 'minutes to be extended' text box. The added Minutes are not updated to a prepaid session at client if the Disable Renew option is selected in the Preferences screen.


  • Add minutes can be used only if the client session is in busy state.
  • For prepaid sessions, when Add Minutes is used to renew the account, a new "Package" type sale is added to the services list of the current session.

How to access:

Clients -> Add Minutes
Use the shortcut key Ctrl + A